12 Products You Need That I Can’t Live Without

I can already hear the people rejoicing that I wrote something beauty related, quickly followed by the groans of the prices below. Listen, I spend way too much money on things I don’t need. Another fact: I don’t care. All of the products in this list are things that have remained in my beauty routine longer than six months, and if you’ve seen me lately, I’m living my best life. That aside, my hair, skin, and nails have completely transformed since June. These 12 products are the only items that keep me believing in a higher power (and Sephora).

For The Inner Beauty:

1. Klova Sleep Patch – I am nocturnal, I swear. Literally if I could sleep all day and work all night I would, and sometimes do. But recently I realized the sleep, or lack thereof was effecting my skin. I tried everything from melatonin, to Tylenol PM, to lavender aromatherapy and a mix of everything under the sun. Nothing worked and after about two weeks of this, I finally stumbled upon Amazon and bought these patches. BEST. THING. EVER. After eating dinner and taking a bath, but before crying during This Is Us, I put one on my inner thigh hoping for the best. About an hour later I was so zonked I couldn’t even keep myself up on Instagram.

Buy on Amazon for $51.99/one month supply (28 patches)

2. Bai Antioxidant Water – This is where the very extra part of me hates the sensible part of me. I don’t believe in buying plastic water bottles. Every time I buy one my dad still speaks in my head. “we have a sink for a reason”, but I bought one at the gym after I mistakably left my water bottle at home, and yeah, I’m addicted. I would choose a Diet Coke over water any day, but the ease, taste and the noticeable effects I saw on my body after drinking it still leads me to believe there is something helpful in the higher pH balance and electrolytes.

Buy on Amazon for $21.48/pack of 12 33.8 oz bottles


3. Kate Sommerville EradiKate Mask Foam-Activated Acne Treatment – First of all, this name is ridiculously long and I’m sorry you had to read that. Anyway. I’ve been suffering from adult acne. I’ve found out that it’s actually from a hormone imbalance and a syndrome I suffer from. (Shameless plug: post about my diagnosis coming soon). But nonetheless my face has been a real shit storm the last few months, but after using this mask once or twice a week before going to bed, the amount of break-outs and longevity of the little devils has decreased significantly. WARNING: this mask smells like a fart due to the sulfur and I would not recommend using it during the day (or in non-committed relationships) because the smell sticks around for awhile.

Buy at Sephora for $54

4. Rodan+Fields Lash Boost – I can’t say enough about this product. My eyelashes were ruined after my extensions and the intense allergic reaction I had to them. Just a little swipe of the goo at the lash line at night has drastically grown and thickened my lashes. I could be here all day telling you how amazing this product is, but instead I’ll let my before and after pictures do the talking.







Top: right after I got my extensions removed June 2018

Bottom: October 2018

Contact an R+F seller or directly on their website for $150 retail


5. It Cosmetics Bye Bye Breakout Full-Coverage Concealer – What is with these names?? I use this under and on top of my makeup to cover and heal upcoming or newly formed breakouts. I love this product because it is a drying lotion and a concealer in one so it literally hides and gets rid of your blemishes at the same time. We love a two-in-one product that supports maximum laziness and maximum coverage. TIP: I use this under and on top of foundation. Especially when I’m picking my face (don’t @ me) this product makes it easy to layer and blends beautifully. I dot and blend the breakout once or twice, apply foundation and if it still isn’t covered, the product allows you to apply more without looking cakey under powder. Bless.

Buy at Sephora for $28

6. Morphe Flawless Beauty Sponge – Everyone uses a beautyblender of some sort. I started out with an original pink egg from the beautyblender brand and went on the search for a new one three months ago. This one was $7, comparably to the $20 RIP OFF and the best one I’ve owned. It doesn’t suck up as much product, it gets damp but doesn’t dilute foundation, and damn does it blend an under eye. Plus the ridge in the middle makes it easier to hold on to when you’re drinking and beautifying. You’re welcome.

Buy at Ulta for $7

7. Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Cream Shadow Stick – Again, a two and one product, to maximize laziness and maximize uses. This product works great as an eyeshadow alone or as an eyeshadow base. I wear this when I’m running quick out of the house or when I use glitter on my eyes because it is tacky, but dries down. BONUS: could be used as a subtle highlight, but I’ve never used a subtle highlighter so I can’t help you there.

Buy at Sephora for $30

8. Huda Beauty Liquid Matte Lipstick – I have worn this lipstick for three days in a row and it still looked like it was brand new. Don’t ask why, don’t ask how, just know it was very difficult to get off and I loved it. It is an extremely thin liquid lip which makes it buildable and gives you the ability to over draw your lips with ease. Try it out in the shade Wifey which is a perfect pink/brown nude for every day and going out. TRIGGER WARNING: This lipstick smells unmistakably like Pinnacle Whipped vodka. I highly recommend not breathing when you apply unless you feel like gagging. Just me?

Buy at Sephora for $20


9. Lululemon Light Locks Scrunchie – Update: still extra. You can get a scrunchie anywhere. I wear my hair in a bun to sleep most nights and these prevent creases for styling the next day. Plus, it’s a trendy accessory! I hate myself for saying that.

Buy at Lululemon for $14

10. Wet brush – I started using this product when I had my extensions (RIP) because it wouldn’t snag the beads, and I became an immediate fan. You know that brush, the brush that is the best brush to put up a ponytail with? I’ve found it. From my experience it’s great on long hair, short hair, wet hair, dry hair, and even my overly dry-shampooed hair.

Buy on Amazon for $8.17 (what is with that price?)

11. Dry shampoo – Speaking of dry shampoo (that transition, though) I go through a bottle about every two weeks. I wash my hair around twice a week to prevent my blonde from going brassy. I use dry shampoo after I shower to give me volume, I use it before I go to bed, and I especially use it on sections that I tease. TIP: dry shampoo can also be used as deodorant in a pinch, and when I say pinch I mean when you go to the gym and forget. I do that more than I’d like to admit.

I personally don’t have a favorite brand of dry shampoo but I find that the cheaper brands usually last longer and work better. Suave, Dove, or really any drug store brand. Seriously, don’t spend more than five dollars or you’re just spraying your money away.


12. Sally Hansen Salon Manicure Dry & Go Drops – Anyone else always have to pee immediately after painting their nails? These drops are made to wait one minute after applying clear coat, drop on nails, and wait another minute or two and they are dry. I hate to jinx myself, but I haven’t screwed up a wet nail since finding these.

Buy at Ulta for $6.49


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