About Me

Hi ya’ll, I’m Mary-Margaret. Girl so nice, they named her twice.

I’ve always been the wildly opinionated advice giver of my friend group, who was dubbed the nickname Mims in college because apparently two names is SO difficult to say (insert eye roll).

I’m here to say what everyone is thinking, talk about the unlikely problems of a 23-year-old that deals with bouts of anxiety, insane online dating, how to travel on a diminishing savings account, fitness (or lack there of), and avid TV critic and binge watcher.

I recently moved from Boise, Idaho to Washington, DC due to my ever changing want to seek adventure and zest to be independent (I call my mom a lot). I graduated from The University of Idaho, Go Vandals, in December of 2017 and as if undergrad wasn’t difficult enough, I’m attempting to attend law school next fall. Am I the only one that never studied for the SAT and moving onto the LSAT like a janitor trying to perform open heart surgery? I digress. 

The main question I receive is why start a blog? In reality, I’ve always wanted to start my own blog and share the crafty inner-thoughts that keep me up until 3 a.m., and ridiculous stories that sit unheard in a text thread with my friends. But more than that, I want to create a space that is relatable and makes the hard days easier, and the easy days even better. Writing has been a therapeutic passion of mine in so many ways, but I always strive to make people laugh, to show people love, and give an insight into my life that is anything but ordinary. So if you like red wine, and not getting caught in the rain because you have to put on pants in order to leave the house, snag a glass and stay awhile!